The modern production facilities of Drogsan Pharmaceuticals are comprised of 4 sites.

  1. Solid Production Area :

⇒ Tablet

⇒ Film-coated tablet/Enteric coated tablet

⇒ Capsule

⇒ Sachet

Production Capacity: 16 Million boxes

  1. Liquid 1 Production Area :

⇒ Oral Spray

⇒ Nasal Spray

⇒ Nasal Drop

Production Capacity: 7.2 Million boxes

  1. Liquid 2 Production Area :

⇒ Syrup

⇒ Oral Solution


⇒ Antiseptic Solution

Production Capacity: 12 Million boxes

  1. Cosmetic Production Area :

⇒ Pomade

⇒ Toothpaste


⇒ Cream

Production Capacity: 1 Million boxes

forms are manufactured and packaged.


• The production site which is designed in accordance with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) includes Quality Control and Microbiology Laboratories, Technical Areas and Warehouses. High-speed production and packaging lines with the latest technology are used.


The site is furnished with validated ventilation systems, eliminating any potential contamination risks so that maximal product safety is ensured. During the production phase, the filling process which is carried out with product-specific equipment under Laminar air flow by using entirely closed systems.


• The site has a validated pure water system, HEPA filtered ventilation systems (validated on periodic basis), oil-free and water-free compressed air system, and auxiliary systems that directly influence the product quality.


Within validated ERP computerized system; Quality Management, Material Management, Production Planning, Human Resources, Warehouse Management, Maintenance, Sales and Finance modules are used and all of the critical steps are recorded under control. In addition, weighing automation and 2D barcode systems work in collaboration with ERP. 


Security passcard system installed all over the site prevents unauthorized access to the controlled areas. 



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